Our Story

To know her is to love her. Designer and creator Magdalena Mousson-Lestang first introduced Lilou as an intimate passion project for her family and friends, never realizing it would become the global fashion phenomenon that it is. With nothing but an imaginative drive and passion for quality, Lilou has progressed into a renowned jewelry company with 39 boutiques in three different countries.

Lilou has evolved in the US with the help and innovative skill of Liza Vassell, a consultant expert with a profound eye for detail. After living in Europe for over 20 years as a leading marketing strategist for internationally known fashion brands, she was both qualified and equipped to lead the Lilou team through the US fashion industry.

Liza was visiting Paris for Paris Fashion Week when one of her clients introduced the two creatives by email. They quickly hit it off and scheduled a meeting at Café Lipps in Paris to discuss Lilou’s future endeavors.

After shaking hands, Magdalena’s first words to Liza were “Would you like a glass of champagne?” It was a match made in fashion heaven.

A light bulb had turned on in the center of Paris, influenced by the intertwining creative minds of Liza Vassell and Magdalena Mousson-Lestang. What seemed to be a casual meeting with assumed to be PR agent turned into a collaborative plan to introduce Lilou to the US market.

Liza took over the brand’s emergence in the US, where it rapidly took off and gained immediate acceptance from celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. Some of the brand’s biggest supporters include Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Julia Roberts, and Aimee Song.

Lilou attracts people of the utmost boldness; those searching for a way to unapologetically stand out in the middle of a crowd. So if you’re feeling fearless, keep an eye out for this dynamic duo because the best is yet to come for the Lilou brand.